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With decades of industry expertise, we specialize in delivering superior paving services for commercial & residential projects. From driveways to highways, trust us for durability, precision, and unmatched customer satisfaction.
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Trust the paving contractors that have been around since 1947. With our problem-solving skills and ability to apply our knowledge to the circumstances at a particular site, you can be sure we will create innovative solutions for any unexpected problems and do so with unmatched quality.

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Looking For Work?

Are you ready to pave your career path with excellence and opportunity? Look no further than Kuhns & Anthony Paving Co., Inc. As a leader in the paving industry, we don’t just build roads; we construct futures. Joining our team means joining a family of dedicated professionals committed to quality craftsmanship and innovation. At Kuhns & Anthony, we foster an environment where your skills are honed, your ideas are valued, and your growth is encouraged. From seasoned veterans to fresh talent, we believe in investing in our people, providing extensive training programs, competitive benefits, and ample room for advancement. Be part of something extraordinary. Join Kuhns & Anthony Paving Co., Inc., where every step you take is a step towards success.